Godliness For President
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By Apostle Lance G. Tucker I


You are an individual; uniquely made like no other.  You have like and dislikes; views and opinions on hundreds of topics.  You have rights and privileges given to you by God as well as the laws of this land.  Freedom and liberty are such wonderful things.  But as you look at yourself in the mirror, who do you see?  How do you live your life?  Where do your priorities lie when it comes to you making decisions on how you live your life?  Where do people and things fit on your priority list?  Is your spouse first; or maybe your children?  How about your parents?  Where does your job or your personal possessions fall?  What about your own wants and needs; things like hobbies or recreation; even food or fashions?  I told you there are 100’s of things for you to consider.

Now let’s say you are a Christian; a born again believer in Jesus Christ.  Just where does God fit into your 100 of things?  Is He at the bottom of your list?  Maybe somewhere in the middle?  Or will you give the answer most would expect a Christian to give and say He is number 1?  But is that really the truth?  Is it actual reality or just in your mind?  See, if He is first in all things, what we do, how we talk, how we conduct our lives, is all governed and directed by God through His word and the Holy Spirit.

So where do you stand when it comes to your political views?  Do you stand with God’s word; not changing it but fully accepting it?  Do you stand against those things God is against?  Or are your own personal views and opinions; likes and dislikes more important than God’s?  Those same liberties and freedom mentioned earlier allows you the right to vote political any way you want.  But when you do, do you vote God?  Next year we all have the opportunity to show who and what we stand for.  Whether it is our own personal wants and need or what God want.  We get to vote for the highest office in the land; for the President of the United States.

Let’s all take a stand and be God’s standard.  Let’s not vote our favorite color or gender; or financial status.  Not even our favorite political party; but let’s send a message to all politicians, to all Americans; that we want God in charge.  Let’s make our vote count towards God; towards the candidate who will stand for and align themselves with God’s principals.  

In 2016 and beyond, let’s vote……………